Energy Savings

Leveled Energy Cost (LEC)

Your investment in this project will protect you from utility rate inflations.

Levelized Energy Cost (LEC) analysis provides us with a “Hurdle Rate” (the levelized energy cost) which can be compared to the expected change in utility rates (by way of inflation). LEC is the average lifetime cost of energy produced by a particular system.

We can compare the LEC to the current utility rate and its expected change in price as time goes on.

Net Excess Generation (NEG)

Monthly NEG credited at Utility Rate:

  1. Monthly NEG may be carried forward to the next month for application to future utility bill.
  2. Annual NEG may be carried forward to the next year and may become available for application to future utility bills or paid upon sale of property.

Refer to your Utility’s Net Metering rules to understand how this may apply.

[DISCLAIMER]:   Comments on this Website are not intended to be absolute.  Please consult with an accountant or tax official regarding specific savings and credits available to you.